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    Privacy Policy

    Last Modification: April 14th 2014

    Please duly note that the original version of this document is in French from Quebec. If there is a conflict between this version and the original one, the original one will prevail.

    Thank you for visiting The Art of Emilie Goulet web site and to acknowledge this privacy policy. The confidentiality of your information is important to us and we are doing everything in our power to protect your personal data. We invite you to carefully read this privacy policy and refer to it regularly in order to know the changes that could be done to it.

    Automatically Collected Information and Anonymous Visit

    You are free to navigate on The Art of Emilie Goulet without divulging your identity. No information such as your name, first name, phone number or address is collected without your consent.

    As soon as you access The Art of Emilie Goulet, your computer and the server automatically exchange some information. Although, these exchanges do not identify you personally, meaning: phone number, address, name, etc. This information is collected only if you manually enter it in the Contact section of this site.

    The exchanged information is the following:

    • IP Address(Example: which could allow an internet provider to divulge the identity of the associated person
    • Web browser (Example: Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) and operating system(Example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6)
    • Visited pages
    • Date and hour at which the pages are accessed
    • URL of the web site from which the user acceded to
    • Domain name

    The Art of Emilie Goulet site collects this information in order to match the technological requirements necessary to an efficient navigation. The server requires this information to transmit to you files compatible with the equipment used. In no case, the collected information will allow to identify you.

    The information is preserved and used by The Art of Emilie Goulet for statistic purposes. It is used to compile the number of visitis, the most popular pages, the technology used by the visitors and country of origin of the visitors. In no case is it used to create a user list.


    Transmitted Personal Information

    The Art of Emilie Goulet does not collect personal information without your consent.

    The Art of Emilie Goulet can ask you some personal information about yourself during email exchange to help fulfill your needs. This information can be used to provide you with the requested services, administrate your profile, improve our service as well as answer your questions. In order to provide you with these services, we could ask you your name and email address. From the moment you provide such information, your visit on The Art of Emilie Goulet is no longer anonymous for us.

    Emails are treated with the same confidentiality measures as the information transmitted on this web site or received by mail.

    • The Art of Emilie Goulet will uniquely use this information to answer your request and complete the follow up.
    • The transmitted information will not be used in any case to create user list, nor profile.
    • The Art of Emilie Goulet will not transmit any information submitted on this site.
    • In accordance to the law, you can gain access to all your personal information kept by The Art of Emilie Goulet, free of charge. You can demand the rectification or deletion of an inexact, incomplete or wrong information.



    The The Art of Emilie Goulet site does not set remaining cookie on your hard drive. Although, to navigate between the pages on this site, a session cookie is set in the RAM. This cookie is automatically deleted when the user log outs of the current session or closes the web browser.

    At all time, you can disable the cookies in your web browser settings. Although, this could deprive you from certain features or advanced functionality on this web site.


    Personal Information Protection

    When considerate appropriate by The Art of Emilie Goulet, this site uses authentication and encryption techniques, as well as other methods to protect the exchanged personal information on this site. Although, emails that are sent to The Art of Emilie Goulet are not necessarily inviolable and could be tampered with during the transmission.

    In no case will you have to communicate sensitive information such as your SIN, birth date or credit card number directly on this site.

    It is important to note that no purchase transactions are performed on this site.


    User Responsibilities

    To benefit of a maximal security, it is recommended to:

    • To use the latest version of a web browser meeting the security requirements
    • Erase your cache memory after transmitting information
    • Keep your identification information and data confidential. The Art of Emilie Goulet cannot be, in any case, held responsible for a non-authorized usage of your email, username, passowrd, personal account or any other personal data. If their confidentiality was compromised, advise us immediately to avoid identity theft.