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    Going on my first travelsketching trip! - with a new blog

    How exciting is that: tomorrow is the first day of my very first travelsketching trip!

    I say travelsketching trip as it is my personal main goal, but I will also have to go with the flow ( I do want to have a great time no matter how it goes)...

    For various reasons, I decided to go on an organized trip around Eastern Europe with my mom for 2 weeks, which is far from being sketching friendly...

    But my mom has been firmly advised of my intentions and for the rest, will see ... (but I'm quite motivated, so with a little bite a discipline, I should be able to get done the sketching I want to do!)

    In order to share my sketches, I've created a new blog specially for it: Emilie's travelscketching Adventures. See you There!


    My drawings featured in Émergence Magazine Québec

    Émergence Magazine Québec presents ten times a year new artists from the french Québec community. Emergence Magazine Québec is a collective of Artists from Québec who share voluntarily their own text and images simply to present their realization and put forward their work.

    It's with pleasure that I accepted Réjean Savard's invitation to share my work in the september 2015 édition of the magazine.

    Go have a look: Émergence Magazine Québec :)


    Brand new Website!

    Welcome to my brand new website!

    It's been designed by a good friend of mine, an amazing website programmer: Marie-Ève Chartrand!

    Go and enjoy surfing through it as much as I enjoy using it!

    Thanks again MArie!